After notifying the official start of the project from 1st September 2019, an intense communication started by the Coordinator set the ground for a good collaboration among the partner schools. The first TPM the teams from the different schools introduced themselves, discussed organizational issues, redistributed tasks according to the teachers’ competences and a logo competition. The Coordinator then elaborated and proposed a Recruitment form for the Candidates’ Selection; they were: completion of a simplified CV, motivation for active involvement in the project activities, level of English, annual success, including correct school behaviour, computer skills. A special Erasmus+ notice board was created. Parents signed declarations of agreement to the terms of the project. The teachers and students selected for the project (aged 15-18) were all involved. in research and experiments about OCEANS AND SEAS, whereas the Principals and the school administrative staff played a key role in complying with all the necessary documentation and publications. Moreover, the selection process took into consideration all social, economic, learning obstacles and tried to remove them, giving equal access to the activities, enhancing their skills and letting them explore other realities. A selection board was appointed in each school and worked on the basis of non-discrimination and equal opportunities.
Being a school partnership, each school had its own budget for mobilities and other expenses, ensuring a good responsible budget control and monitoring especially when planning travel and accommodation for meetings and mobilities.
The detailed work timetable agreed among the partners provided a guide for the correct implementation of both tasks and budget required for each activity.
Regular, transparent, effective communication helped greatly to face time management issues, including the challenging difficulties as explained in para. 6 above. An effective and fast communication among the various partners was ensured through email, eTwinning, G-classroom, telephone, but especially by WhatsApp, while visible results were always shared on the TwinSpace Platform.