Transnational Project meeting – Portugal

 Agrupamento de Escolas de Vilela, Portugal, PAREDES            

18/07/2022 – 21/07/2022     

Description of the activity:

  1. Collaboration and Evalution of the project and its results
  2. Future outline and discussion of future cooperation
  3. Discussion of “How to increase the sustainability of the project”

How did the participation in this activity benefit the involved participants?

A wealth of knowledge which will be presented by all partners .

  1. A sense of friendship and union, where partners can also meet other stakeholdres with the same interests/problems/concerns
  2. Sharpen their skills: Learn new ideas and approaches to make them more effective and efficient for further / future projects.
  3. A sense of renewed hope and inspiration and morale booster to save the seas and consequently the planets